Round 1 Teams

The Round 1 Teams are in!


T. Burger, H. Burmeister-Lyons, M. Carnelley, E. Dale, J. Davis, A. Deneys, T. Denham, R. Fisher, L. Gibbons, R. Gillian, L. Harley, J. Healey-Rotheram, D. Hodder, S. Jayasinghe, J. McLelland, N. Palmer, N. Pincott, J. Powell, W. Stoneham, D. Wallace, N. Walsh,  A. Ziegerink

Emergencies – D. Gregg-Mantle, R. Laws, N. Sinclair


W. Burgess, M. Casey, A. Creak, M. Gibbons, D. Gregg-Mantle, S. Grose, J. Hair, J. Hills, D. Kelly, D. Knight, R. Laws, J. Martin, L. Mason, D. Mathers, M. McAra, J. O’Sullivan, B. Perring, D. Ratcliffe, J. Rossit, J. Rowe, N. Sinclair, B. Smith, G. Willoughby, N. Wilson

Emergencies – M. Auld, B. Casey, T. Douglas,


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