Volunteers needed

The Forest Hill Football Club have a number of positions open to support the club on match days in 2017.

The Forest Hill Football Club is a community based Australian Rules football club affiliated with the Eastern Football League (EFL). The club is operated by volunteers and represented by players from the local area.

The mission of the Forest Hill Football Club is to promote, coordinate and administer the sport of Australian Rules football throughout the local community, for the benefit of participants no matter what background, level of skill or involvement.

In order to do so it is critical we remain a financially viable entity that has the ability to generate adequate funds for the ongoing administration and development of Australian Rules football within the Forest Hill community.

We are now looking to appoint:

  • Match videographer
  • Website content contributor/s
  • Gate manager
  • Team manager (Reserves)
  • Canteen assistant
  • Goal umpire (Reserves)

Commitment is each Saturday (April-September) with the occasional request for additional mid-week assistance,

There is flexibility via arrangement, as the club understands full time work, university studies, and personal life may inhibit 100% attendance.

Apply to:

The Secretary –¬†foresthill@efl.org.au

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